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We would like to assure our customers that we are still very much open for business.

We have plenty of stock and will be continuing to take orders and deliver up until Easter if restrictions & time allow us to.

To protect our family and yours there are a few additional safety measures we have had to put in place:

  • We can only deliver to outdoor areas, we are unable to go through homes
  • We are no longer able to accept cash or cheque as payment. Only card payments over the phone or via the website
  • For the time being we will not be collecting used bags

Thank you for your understanding.
Stay Kind, Stay Safe and keep going.

Nothing beats an open fire or a woodburner on a cold night.

As many homeowners know, the quality of wood or solid fuel you burn can have a huge effect on the heat your fire puts out. Not only that – trying to get great quality logs or solid fuel delivered to your door isn’t as easy as it should be.

Unless you buy from The Log Store.

We’re a family run business that likes to do things a little differently. We deliver the best quality logs FOR FREE when you spend £100 or more.

Whether you’re in Bournemouth or Dorchester, Weymouth, Yeovil or beyond, your logs are hand delivered by our own two man team across Dorset and South Somerset.
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How much do you get in a bag of our logs?

Our super strong reusable Log Store bags have been designed to contain the same amount of wood as we used to fit loose in our dumpy bags. This is achieved by tightly hand packing the logs – meaning more logs in less space. Comparing logs is always really difficult, because loads are measured in so many different ways. The most common way is to quote is by a loose loaded cubic metre. Based on this, please see our table below

Kiln Dried Logs
2-3 bags £55 / bag £129.41 per cubic metre
4-5 bags £53 / bag £124.70 per cubic metre
6-7 bags £51 / bag £120 per cubic metre
8+ bags £49 / bag £115.29 per cubic metre

To deliver the very best ready to burn logs directly to you whenever you need them, wherever you want them – with no hassle to you!

All our firewood is delivered in our Log Store Bags which are easy to store, with no need for re-stacking. You simply exchange your empty bags for full ones on delivery of your next order.

The super strong and reusable log store bag is designed to hold as much as we used to sell in our loose loaded dumpy bags. We do this by tightly handstacking the logs – more logs, less space!

FREE delivery on orders over £100. A flexible and reliable delivery service. Delivery on orders under £100 is £10.